Millions of people are cut off from opportunity because they don't have access to modern care & education system.

Let's fix that together.

Help Create Digital Patient Education Material To Improve Patient Engagement and Care Delivery

Make a Difference in the Effort to Bridge the Outdated Care and Education System Gap

Transforming Care and Education forΒ the Digital Age

We believe that everyone who needs modern healthcare and education system should have them.

That's why we are committed to providing quality, affordable healthcare and education for everyone through our initiatives.

Our mission is to provide affordable and quality care by bridging the gap between outdated care and the education system. We're using technology to connect people and organizations so that together we can accomplish our mission of providing care and education for the digital age.

Transform Healthcare

Technology has the power to change healthcare for the better.

Access & Equity

Digital health technologies are a powerful enabler to improve access and equity to those who need it.

Improve Health

Digital health will reengage providers and patients to commit to improving health.

Digital Education

Digital education needs to be a fundamental part of medical & health education.

Open Access

Digital education needs to be open-access to be truly ready for web 3.0.


Mobile-first approach to digital health and digital healthcare education.

Digital education ecosystem as a service for digital healthcare


Our Impact Projects

We know that the future depends on our ability to make everyone healthier through education and access to medical care. That is why we've created non-profit technology based solutions.

Neurology Pocketbook

Applied, Concise, Practical, Up-to-date, Mobile-friendly, Peer-reviewed & Open-access Living Pocketbook Of Neurology And Related Clinical Specialties

✍🏻 80 Authors from 6 Countries

πŸ”– Completed 70 Chapters

❇️ PLUS 70 Chapters In Progress

Funding Goal


Start Date

πŸ—“οΈ July 2019


🏁 Ongoing

eLearning Application

Develop an all-in Neurology Resource mobile app based on resources via Neurology Pocketbook

🧠 One Neurology Resource App

🩺 For Patients and Providers

πŸ“± Available on Google Play Store

Funding Goal


Start Date

πŸ—“οΈ July 2022


🏁 Ongoing

Neurosciences Patient Education & Engagement

Create new digital education patient education material that improves patient engagement and participation in care delivery.

πŸ”“ Free-Access, Open-sourced process

🌐 Translation Friendly

❇️ Infographics Based Patient Education Material

Funding Goal


Start Date

πŸ—“οΈ July 2022


🏁 Not Started

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